FVVC's Club Philosophy

FVVC operates to accomplish three primary goals:

  1. Build Leaders

    • We believe our coaches are uniquely positioned to be role models to our athletes. We work hard to select the right coaches and equip them appropriately to influence our athletes positively.

    • Our coaches work hard to create an environment that allows kids to learn and grow together.

    • We want to equip our athletes to be leaders in the community during, and at the completion of, their time with FVVC.

  2. Develop Athletes

    • FVVC's coaches are a strong mixture of former U Sports/CCAA athletes, U SPORTS/CCAA coaches and local community coaches. Each coach combines their expertise with FVVC's development plan to develop athletes for the next level.

    • We invest heavily in coach development including covering the cost of coaching certification and providing coaches feedback in a variety of channels over the course of the year.

    • Every year we see over half of our graduating class head off to CCAA/U SPORTS schools to play at the next level, with offers typically made available to all of our athletes.

  3. Chase Championships

    • Every FVVC team works all year to prepare for the Provincial and National Championships.

    • With 8 National Championships and 33 Provincial Championships, plus many more medals at each event, our club has been successful in the biggest events in the yearly club calendar.