FVVC Radius is the club's Vancouver Super League team. Each athlete has some combination of Professional, National Team, CIS and/or CCAA experience, including 4 FVVC club alumni. Games take place every Sunday at Burnaby Central High School against one of three other Vancouver Sports League Teams (team and schedule information).


Radius Roster

# - Player - Position 

1 Jarrod Offereins LS, Lib

2 Dan Caverly LS

3 Justin Jansen LS, RS

4 Marc Howatson LS, MB, RS, Lib

5 Josh Doornenbal MB, RS

7 Stephen Nash LS, RS

8 Scott Plocktis RS, S

9 Devyn Plett S

11 Ben Ricketts S, Lib

14 Ben Ball RS, S

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